Tuesday: October 13th 2015
08:15 09:00 Registration
09:00 09:20 Opening and welcome
  MARINE LITTERChairs: C. Zeri, G. Pojana
09:20L 13.1.1 10:00 Invited lecture F. Galgani
– Marine Litter in the Mediterranean Sea
10:00L 13.1.2 10:20 C. Zeri – Beach Litter in the Southern Adriatic coasts: Results from a fine-scale sampling
10:20L 13.1.3 10:40 S. Aliani – To strand or not to strand: the fate of plastic debris in coastal currents
10:40L 13.1.4 11:00 C. Mazziotti – The origin of marine litter and its environmental impacts during recent decades
11:00 11:30 Coffee  break
  GHOST NETS Chairs: A. Krzan, T. Fortibuoni
11:30L 13.2.1 11:50 P. Tutman – Ghost-net fishing along the Croatian coastline; occurrence and biological impact on marine biodiversity, a preliminary assesment
11:50L 13.2.2 12:10 F. Riccato – First data on ghost fishing gears and other fishing waste in the outcrop area of the Gulf of Venice
12:10L 13.2.3 12:30 Conference sponsor presentation MADAtecD. Manzini – Hiphenated spectroscopic microanalysis (Raman, colorimetry)
12:30L 13.2.4 12.50 M. Angiolillo – Monitoring and assessment of marine debris in a biodiversity hotspot in the Northern Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea)
12:50 14:00 Lunch break and Poster session


  SOCIAL AND ECONOMICAL IMPACTS Chairs: F. Galgani, A.A. Koelmans
14:00L 13.3.1 14:20 A. Ariel – Policy implications of marine debris studies: the Israeli case study
14:20L 13.3.2 14:40 R. Cavallo – Let’s Clean Up Europe, reducing marine litter from the source
14:40L 13.3.3 15:00 (L 14.2.3) F. Ronchi – Marine litter: not only a fishermen’s problem
(L 13.3.3 G. Papatheodorou – LIFE DEBAG: a project for the reduction of plastic bags in the marine environment moved to L 15.3.1)
15:00L 13.3.4 15:20 P. Van den Dries – Incentive based fee systems for ship-generated wastes
15:20 15:45 Coffee  break
WORKSHOP co-organised by EUCC Mediterranean Centre,
responsible for the Mediterranean region within FP7 Project CleanSea
Stakeholder insights into the most adequate and
effective measures on key marine litter items


Wednesday October 14th 2015
  PLASTICS AND MICROPLASTICS Chairs: E. Kaberi, H. K. Karapanagioti
09:20L 14.1.1 10:00 Invited lecture H. K. Karapanagioti
– Hazardous Chemicals and Microplastics
10:00L 14.1.2 10:20 C. Ioakeimidis – Plastic Bottles: A first indication about their lifetime in the marine environment
10:20L 14.1.3 10:40 G. Pojana – Microplastics in the beach sediment of the Lido Island (Venice)
10:40L 14.1.4 11:00 A. Adamopoulou –  Abundance of microplastics in waters and coasts of the Southern Adriatic Sea
11:00 11:30 Coffee  break
  FISHING FOR LITTER Chairs: T. Fortibuoni, A. Krzan
11:30L 14.2.1 11:50 P. Pelusi – Derelict nets: from danger to opportunity
L 14.2.2
12:10 Papadopoulou – Marine litter collected by trawling from fishing grounds in the Aegean Sea (E. Mediterranean) and potential underestimates
12:10L 14.2.3 12:30 To be defined
(L 14.2.3 F. Ronchi – Marine litter: not only a fishermen’s problem moved to L13.3.3
L 14.2.4
12.50 Conference sponsor presentation – FKVJ. Le Chevalier (Thermo Fischer Scientific) – Micro Phazir PC for plastics identification
12:50 14:00 Lunch break and Poster session
  MICROPLASTICS AND BIOTA (1) Chairs: P. Tutman, C. Mazziotti
14:00L 14.3.1 14:40 Invited lecture C. Laforsch
– Microplastics in freshwater ecosystems
14:40L 14.3.2 15:00 I. Campana – Marine litter and mega-fauna monitoring in Western Mediterranean Region
15:00L 14.3.3 15:20 A. Anastasopoulou – Litter ingested by fish in the Eastern Ionian Sea
15:20L 14.3.4 15:40 C. G. Avio – Presence, distribution and characterization of microplastics in commercial organisms from Mediterranean


Thursday: October 15th 2015
  MICROPLASTICS AND BIOTA (2) Chairs: C. Laforsch, A.A. Koelmans
09:20L 15.1.1 10:00 Invited lecture A. A. Koelmans
– Microplastics as vectors of contaminants to aquatic organisms
10:00L 15.1.2 10:20 M. Papadatou – Bacterial diversity associated with anthropogenic particles and neuston in the surface layer of the East Atlantic Ocean
10:20L 15.1.3 10:40 F. Collard  – Anthropogenic particles in stomachs of anchovies (Engraulis encrasicolus) related to gill rakers morphology
10:40L 15.1.4 11:00 Conference sponsor presentation  – Agilent TechnologiesP. Scardina  – Achieving a spatial resolution of less than 1 micron by focal plane array FT-IR Imaging to obtain a fast and accurate identification of microplastics particles
11:00 11:30 Coffee  break
  MONITORING (1) Chairs: H. K. Karapanagioti, C. Zeri
11:30L 15.2.1 11:50 M. Nazlić  – Preliminary findings of marine litter monitoring on beaches, sea surface and seafloor on pilot sites within the framework of DeFishGear project in Croatia
11:50L 15.2.2 12:10 M. C. Fossi  – Microplastic, gyres and fin whales in the Mediterranean Sea
12:10L 15.2.3 12:30 G. Pasquini – Beach litter monitoring along the Italian Adriatic coast
12:30L 15.2.4 12.50 S. Kordella – Cigarette butt abundance on Greek tourist beaches monitored during LIFE AMMOS: a project for the prevention of smoking related marine litter
12:50 14:00 Lunch break and Poster session
  MONITORING (2) Chairs: T. Vlachogianni, E. Kaberi
14:00L 15.3.1 14:20 (L 13.3.3) G. Papatheodorou – LIFE DEBAG: a project for the reduction of plastic bags in the marine environment
14:20L 15.3.2 14:40 S. Carpentieri – Goletta verde monitoring floating litter along the Italian coasts
14:40L 15.3.3 15:00 T. Chieruzzi – First observations on floating litter in Venice canals “Don’t Waste Venice” campaign



From Tuesday October 13th
to Thursday October 15th 2015

Po_01_BL G. Pasternak – Classification and Spatial Distribution of Plastic debris along the Israeli coast
Po_02_BL G. Poeta – Determining Beach Litter distribution and source in central Italy sandy shores
Po_03_BL D. Bojanić Varezić  – Marine litter – accumulation hot spots on the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea
Po_03aBL P. Makorič – Organic pollutants adsorbed on plastic pellets
Po_03bBL Š Trdan – Development of methodology for assessing the beach litter concentration, types and sources
Po_04_FL R. Crosti  – Floating marine macrolitter between Sicily and Tunisia: results of a pilot survey
Po_05_FL G. Suaria  – Inter-annual and seasonal variability in the occurrence of floating macro-debris in the Northern Ionian and Southern Adriatic Sea
Po_06_FL A. Pesic– Monitoring of floating litter in Bokakotorska Bay (Montenegro, South Adriatic)
Po_07_FL M. Ramazio – Winter 2015 results on abundance, composition and distribution of marine macro-litter in the Adriatic-Ionian sea
Po_08_Mi M. Torre – Air-borne microfiber contamination of marine fish gastro-intestinal contents during ingested litter stereomicroscopic analysis
Po_09_Mi C. Tsangaris – Microplastics detection in marine biota: Methodological considerations
Po_10_Mi J. Šiljić – The occurrence of microplastic debris in the sea surface and on the beaches of middle Adriatic Sea, Croatia
Po_10a_Mi M.Fusco – First assessment of Microplastics Pollution in the Adriatic Sea Pertaining to B&H
Po_11_RW M. KovakViršek– Estimation of microplastic riverine loads to European Seas
Po_12_RW I.K. Kalavrouziotis – Microplastics and Wastewater Treatment Plants
Po_13_RW R. Auriemma – Sewage outfalls: a source of macroplastics
Po_14_RW P. Beza– Tracking litter accumulation sites at the riverbanks of Kalamas in Western Greece
Po_15_SB Ch. Mytilineou – Antropogenic litter from the deep bottom of the Eastern Ionian Sea
Po_16_SB K. N. Papadopoulou – Fishermen’s attitudes and perceptions on derelict fishing gear and marine litter: preliminary results from the Greek Ionian DeFishGear study
Po_17_SB M. Pavičić – Fishing for litter activities in the fishing port Vira, island of Hvar, Croatia
Po_18_SB T. Fortibuoni – Fishing for Litter pilot activity in Chioggia (Italy): a successful initiative
Po_19_SB A. Anastasopoulou – Marine Litter collected by fishermen from the sea bottom off Corfu Island (Eastern Ionian Sea)
Po_20_SB S. Somarakis – Spatial distribution and typology of marine litter off the coasts of Corfu: results from the DeFishGear experimental bottom-trawl surveys