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June 9th 2014

  • An analysis of morphologically complex signs with classifiers as compounds in LSB
    Aline Garcia Rodero Takahira
    (Universidade de São Paulo)
  • Analysis of the articulators of Location and Movement in a sign (LSB)
    Felipe Vanâcio Barbosa, Janice Gonçalves Temoteo, Rodrigo Rossi Nogueira Rizzo
    (Universidade de São Paulo)
  • Handshape in Italian Sign Language: perception vs. theoretical models (LIS)
    Valentina Aristodemo, Carlo Geraci
    (CNRS, Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris)
  • Effect of iconicity in deaf readers
    Noemi Fariña Díaz
    (Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL))
  • What counts: Morphological Encoding of Number Information in Child Homesigners
    Natasha Abner, Elizabet Spaepen, Susan Goldin-Meadow
    (University of Chicago)
    Savithry Namboodiripad
    (University of California, San Diego)