Mathematics 2011 - 2012

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This is the home page of the course "Mathematics" of the International Master in Economics and Finance, IMEF, 2011/12.


Lectures will begin on Monday 19 September. Prof. Tolotti will review calculus and cover linear algebra, free and constrained optimization.

Problem sets

  1. First problem set, deadline Wed 28 September 2011.
  2. Second problem set, deadline Wed 5 October 2011.
  3. Third problem set, deadline Wed 17 October 2011, the day of the final exam. Excuse me for late posting.

!!! The examination of October 17 2011 will be held in Palazzo Moro !!!

Various material

Here there are the solutions of the examination of October 17. I have also somewhat written in good style the example of the last lecture. I personally think it's an interesting reading even though the course is over...

The topics are covered in these two files: first and second. This is the paper by Baumol, that we will be discussed. Read the introduction and the section "A differential equation model", page 268.

Download a past final test (another one, with solutions).

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