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November 26, 2010 Green Chemistry in the Arab Region (IUPAC project #: 2003-043-1-300)
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October 12 , 2010 Minutes of the 5th MEGREC Board meeting (Rome, Italy, September 22, 2010) (pdf)
June 4, 2007 Minutes of the 4th MEGREC Board meeting (Athens, May 3, 2007) (pdf)
Minutes of the 1st MEGREC Operational Team meeting Athens, May 3, 2007) (pdf)
December 15, 2006 Minutes of the 3rd MEGREC Board meeting (Lecce, October 27, 2006) (pdf)
October 25, 2006 The European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS)
Division of Chemistry and the Environment (DCE) (pdf)
Report from the Divisional Committee Meeting in Veszprém, Hungary, 26 August 2006
July 28, 2006 The Megrec Unitwin (UNESCO) Agreement (pdf)
June 29, 2006 The United Nations University (UNU) e-Newsletter "Mediterranean Green Chemistry Network, MEGREC
An Emerging Regional Symbol of Sustainable Chemistry" by Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed, June 2006 (pdf)
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June 6, 2006 Minutes of the 2nd MEGREC Board meeting (Fez, April 28, 2005) (pdf)
March 2, 2006 A New Challenge for Developing Countries – Egypt.
By Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed (pdf)
March 2, 2006 The Italian-North African Connection: Tunis Declaration.
By Pietro Tundo and Mohamed Tawfic Ahmed (pdf)
February 22, 2006 Minutes of the 1st MEGREC Board meeting (Belgrade, December 9, 2005) (pdf)
February 22, 2006 MEGREC charter (Belgrade, 9 Dec. 2005) (pdf)
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