Progetto ITADICT

The project ITADICT has evolved A4EDU

Database is not downloadable any more.

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The ITADICT Project is aimed at the creation of a freely accessible Japanese-Italian database, expressly inspired by Jim Breen's JMdict/EDICT Project (1991). As such, it follows its structure and its main characteristics.

The database was started separately both by Marcella Mariotti and Clemente Beghi in 2007 as part of their researches, and it has become one unified project at the end of 2010, when they involved their students of Japanese language at the Department of East Asia Studies (now Department of Asian and Mediterranean African Studies). Since then students have become an integral part of the project, actively inserting and translating terms for the database.

Up to this day (2 March 2012) over 20.000 terms have been translated, revised and transliterated with latin characters (romaji). The most common 18.681 terms (marked with a P in the database) have been completed and we are now proceeding towards the 180.000 terms of the database developed by the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group of Monash University.

We are planning to reach 50.000 terms by the Summer of 2012 and then reach our final goal of 180.000 terms within two years.

Anyone interested in the project can contact us by clicking here or on the above "Contact us" link. You will get a username and a password in order to log in to the Itadict Editor.

The Editor was concieved and developed by Alessandro Mantelli. It is the online interface used to add new terms by registered users.

The Editor is still under development. Recently statistics have been added and the export function has been improved. Further developments are planned. The exported database can be used with open source dictionary software and reading aid software the same way Edict files can. The file is in Unicode/ISO-10646 coding with UTF-8 encapsulation.

If you want to register with Itadict in order to use the Editor, or if you want to ask questions or make suggestions, please use this form