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Greetings from the Carbon Footprint Calculator Staff

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Aiuto: Home

Welcome to the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

The Carbon Footprint Calculator allows you to calculate the environmental impact of your lifestyle by filling in a survey: you can set goals to improve your performance and to race with your colleagues or the other communities of the University. To make the competition more balanced, the calculator will take into account the different compilations of the survey. So you are invited to fill out the survey to know your carbon footprint, set your improvement goals and come back again to re-fill the survey and see if your footprint has decreased or not.

Aiuto: Home

Do not forget to login before your first compilation: this is fondamental to store your results and to give your contribution to the community.

If you are not a Ca' Foscari user you can still fill in the survey to measure your environmental footprint, but you can not enter the competition.

You can use the Carbon Footprint Calculator even on your smartphone or tablet, accessing the same URL.

Aiuto: Home

Important: the competition is inspired by the fair play principles. It means it is a competition in which each participant agrees to declare their own lifestyle in all honesty, in order to reduce the environmental footprint of our community.

This is the Home screen, the three footprints act as a summary for the corresponding sections: Community, Performance (for registered users) and Commitments / Tips.

Aiuto: Home > Comunita

In the first footprint - Community - you can check the ranking of degree programs/university communities: here you can monitor the impact of your answers on the progress of your community and plan the improvements.

In the two toes, you can see the community currently ranked in the first position (left) and in the last (right). The percentages below the icons indicate the reduction of emissions from the previous results.

In the foot palm, you find the information about the position of the community you belong (registered users only)


Aiuto: Home > Comunita

The percentage of emissions reduction is obtained as the difference from the first to the last survey of each student who belong to the same community.

Selecting any icon, you will access the related page of the ranking.

Aiuto: Home > Performance

The toes of the second footprint ("My performances") shows your last five compilations from the most recent (left) to the oldest (right), with the date and the percentage of improvement / worsening compared to the previous compilation.

In the palm you can find the value in annual CO2 equivalent for the last survey answered and a visual indicator of the results and positioning within your community.

Selecting any icon, you will access the related page about your performance.

Aiuto: Home > Impegni

The third and final footprint is about the Tips, you can follow to improve your behavior in each of the areas of the survey.

After the first compilation, the icons of this areas may show the icon of a bell. This is to remind you that, in your last compilation, you set a commitment for improvement in that area./p>

Aiuto: Home > Facebook

The button with the facebook icon opens the sharing interface where you can select the information to be shared: the result of the compilation, the location of your community, the areas in which you have set an improvement commitment.

Warning: Guest User Compilation

You're about to fill the survey as a guest user.

By selecting the Login option in the cog menu (placed in the top right corner in the desktop version) and by logging in with the Ca' Foscari user credentials you'll be able to store your results, set the goals for your next compilations and to join the community competition.

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My Performance