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Lucio Milano Editor in Chief

Massimo Maiocchi Associate Editor
Francesco Di Filippo Software Designer

The aim of the Ebla Digital Archives [ EbDA ] database is to provide a digital edition of the entire corpus of cuneiform texts belonging to the Ebla Royal Archives. Texts are reproduced in the same sequence as in the individual volumes of the series Archivi Reali di Ebla – Testi published by the “Italian Archaeological Mission to Siria” of the Sapienza University of Rome. Compared with the hard copy publication, the digital edition provides harmonized transliterations, corrections and numerous collations made over the years by the team of epigraphers who cooperate with the Mission.

The project is presented as a work in progress. The ARET volumes currently included in the database will be gradually followed by other volumes published in the past years. Additional texts or portions of texts that have appeared in other series, in monographs or in journals will be also included in the database. Any suggestion by interested users will be highly appreciated.

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Appropriate Unicode fonts (e.g. DejaVu Fonts) are required to display the texts in the database