European Doctorate Marie Curie Fellows (2002 - 2009)

Nell'ambito dell' European Doctorate in the Social History of Europe and the Mediterranean (2001-2009) i seguenti dottorandi hanno svolto le loro ricerche sotto la direzione di un tutor interno, partecipando all'attività seminariale legata al Dottorato di ricerca in Storia sociale europea dal Medioevo all'età contemporanea:

  • Diane Chamboduc de Saint Pulgent (Université Paris IV Sorbonne)
    Ricerca: Popular groups in Lucca in the 14th and 15th centuries
    Periodo: 08.01.2009-07.07.2009
    Tutor: Gherardo Ortalli
  • Fabrice Micallef (Université Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
    Ricerca: Exploring the possibilities. Uncertainty and political options in France and the Mediterranean (around 1580-1610)
    Periodo: 05.11.2008-04.02.2009
    Tutor: Giorgio Politi
  • Carmen Eguiluz Mendez (University of Cantabria)
    Ricerca: The town in Italy and Spain between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle-Ages: the Ostrogothic Ravenna and the Visigothic Toledo: Two models of «imperial capital»
    Periodo: 01.09.2008-30.06.2009
    Tutor: Stefano Gasparri
  • Silvie Šlejmarová (Charles University, Prague)
    Ricerca: Entertainment and Behaviour of Italians in Early Modern Ages: A Contribution to the Discussion of the Transformations of the Leisure Time
    Periodo: 15.10.2007-14.02.2008
    Tutor: Giovanni Levi
  • Michael Cummings (University of Edinburgh)
    Ricerca: Psychology in the Greek Novels
    Periodo: 1.10.2007- 31.12.2007
    Tutor: Monica Centanni

  • Cristian-Nicolae Daniel (Central European University)
    Ricerca: Coping with the Powerful Other: Orthodox Ecclesiastical Geography of Late Medieval Transylvania
    Periodo: 1.10.2007-29.02.2008
    Tutor: Giorgio Ravegnani

  • Daniel Velinov (Technische Universität Berlin/Université Paris 1)
    Ricerca:The Exchange Business of the Antwerp Banker La Bistrate: An Early Modern History of European Market Integration (1650-1672)
    Tutor: Paola Lanaro

  • Anne-Claire Ignace (Université Paris 1- Panthéon- Sorbonne)
    Ricerca: French Volunteers in the Italian Revolutions of 1848-1849
    Periodo: 15.3.2007- 15.6.2007
    Tutor: Mario Isnenghi

  • Miles Pattenden, University of Oxford (U.K.)
    Ricerca: Government and Corruption in the Sixteenth Century Papal States
    Periodo: 15.10.2006-14.06.2007
    Tutor: Giuseppe Del Torre

  • Lovro Kouncevic, Central European University (Croatia)
    Ricerca: Discourses on Collective Identity in Late Medieval and Renaissance Ragusa
    Periodo:01.10.2006- 31.03.2006
    Tutor: Gherardo Ortalli

  • Emese Balint, Central European University (Hungary)
    Ricerca: The Social and the Simbolic Body in the Sixteenth Century
    Periodo: 15.09.2006-15.05.2007
    Tutor: Giovanni Levi

  • Alessandro Giacone, Institute d'études politiques (Francia);
    Ricerca: Presidential function in Italy
    Periodo: 01.02.2006- 31.05.2006
    Tutor: Maurizio Reberschak

  • Philipp Joseph Lesiak, Karl-Franzens Universität Graz (Austria)
    Ricerca: Sevilla at the turn of tides. Long distance trade between Andalusia and the Mediterranean (1580-1650)
    Periodo: 01.11.2005-31.01.2006
    Tutor: Giovanni Levi

  • Dimitrios Dalakoglou, University College London (U.K.);
    Ricerca: Social change, material culture and migration to Greece and to Italy
    Periodo: 01.11.2005-31.01.2006
    Tutor: Giovanni Dore

  • Mitia Frumin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israele);
    Ricerca: Extending of the geographical knowledge of the Levant by Russian military (XVIII-XIX)
    Periodo: 01.09.2005-30.11.2005
    Tutor: Alberto Masoero

  • Béatrice Robert, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Francia)
    Ricerca: The representation of Antiquity in the construction of national identity. Germany and Italy in the XIX century
    Periodo: 01.06.2005-31.11.2005
    Tutor: Rolf Petri

  • Walker-Meikle Kathleen, University College London (U.K.)
    Ricerca: Pet keeping by women in the Middle Ages
    Periodo: 15.03.2005- 14.07.2005
    Tutor: Gherardo Ortalli

  • Maria Paschalidi, University College London (U.K.);
    Ricerca: Constructing colonial identities: the Ionian islands in British imagination (1815-1864)
    Periodo: 01.02.2005-30.04.2005
    Tutor: Mario Infelise

  • Florentina Constantin, Graduate School for Social Research (Polonia);
    The evolution of Romanian labor under the impact of globalization and post-communist transformation. A comparative approach.
    Periodo: 01.02.2005-30.11.2005
    Tutor: Michele Cangiani

  • Alexandra Melita, Royal Holloway University of London (U.K.);
    Ricerca: Magical healing and the Greeks in Venice from 16th to 18th century
    Periodo: 15.09.2004-15.03.2005
    Tutor: Giovanni Levi

  • James Pawley, University College London (U.K.)
    Ricerca: Priests and magistrates in the late roman republic
    Periodo: 21.09.2004-21.09.2005
    Tutor: Giovannella Cresci
  • Katherine Teresa Lim, University of Oxford (U.K.)
    Ricerca: Courtesans in Renaissance. Venice and Florence: female networks and family relationship
    Periodo: 21.09.2004-21.05.2005
    Tutor: Giuseppe Del Torre

  • Kevin David Sargeant, University College London (U.K.)
    Ricerca: The development of harbours, harbour towns and merchant shipping in peninsular Italy from pre-roman times to the late Republic
    Tutor: Giovannella Cresci

  • Domingo Centenero de Arce, Universidade Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla (Spagna)
    Ricerca: Urban republicanism. Noble cities and clienteles in Castile. The life and political thought of D. Ginés de Rocamora (1550-1612)
    Periodo: 01.09.2003- 30.04.2004

  • Van Gelder Maartje, Universiteit van Amsterdam (Olanda)
    Ricerca: The Dutch merchant colonies in Venice and Livorno and their role in Dutch trade, 1590-1720
    Periodo: 01.09.2002- 01.05.2003 e 01.09.2003-31.12.2003
    Tutor: Giovanni Levi

  • Ewa Manikowska, Universytet Warsawski (Polonia),
    Ricerca: Perchè Varsavia non è tra Vienna e Roma- The patronage of Stanislaw August Poniatowsi- an illuministic court at the borders of Europe
    Periodo: 01.09.2002-01.05.2003
    Tutor: Mario Infelise
  • Catherine Ferris, University College London (U.K.)
    Ricerca: Public opinion and popular consent in fascist Venice
    Periodo: 01.09.2002-01.09.2003
    Tutor: Giovanni Vian

  • Derycke Laurence, Univerisiteit Ghent, Belgio
    Ricerca: Citizens, money and town-governments. The public debt in Bruges during the 15th century
    Periodo: 01.09.2002-01.05.2002
    Tutor: Reinhold Mueller

  • Rixt Hoekstra, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Olanda
    Ricerca: Manfredo Tafuri, an intellectual biography
    Periodo: 02.05.2002- 02.11.2002
    Tutor: Stuart Woolf