group Since 1987, CIdE organizes the Summer School of Econometrics, a two weeks residential course whose purpose is to promote the knowledge among young researchers of recent advances in econometric methods. The School provides for young researchers the possibility of keeping in touch with some of the most recent developments in econometrics, and with other researchers with different cultural and working background, within a stimulating scientific environment. The planning and the teaching settings rely on the professional heritage and highly qualified experience of Italian and foreign teachers.

The School is held during two weeks (from Monday to Saturday of the following week) in June, and it is organized in four courses, two for the first week, and two for the second week. Each week has about 40 hours of either theoretical and applied (computer based) work.

The School just accomplishes teaching and introduction tasks both for theoretical and applied research. However, there is the possibility to deepen individual interest subjects or to analyse cases related by the single students, according to the interest and the availability of teachers and co-workers.

The participants will be asked to attend the lectures from the beginning of the morning of the first Monday to the end of the morning of the following Saturday. Any other professional activity (even if temporary) is not compatible with the attendance of the School. A Certificate of Attendance will be released and given to all students who have attended the School with profit.



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