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Report on Italian Automotive Supply Chain - 2017 edition.
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CAMI, in cooperation witht the Chambers of Commerce of Turin and Modena and The Italian Association of Automotive Manufacturers ANFIA, presents the 2017 edition of the Observatory of Italian Automotive Supply Chain Report.

The research has been developed under the scientific coordination of CAMI, refers to a universe of about 2,000 firms and 138,000 employees, generating an overall revenue around 38.8 billion euros.

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CAMI research project: understanding commuters' travel choices

imageThe improvement of mobility patterns and urban mobility systems (UMS) gained a broad interest in recent years, both from scholars and from the EU. People are the key actor involved in the uptake of new patterns of transport mode, since the shift to sustainable mobility requires not only coherent policies and adequate infrastructures/services but also an active role of individuals, who might have to change deeply rooted behavioural patterns. It is crucial to investigate in depth the individual consumer perspective, with a holistic approach analysing topics ranging from decision processes to priorities and values, from drivers and/or perceived hindrances to broader social implications, and so on. Our crew member Pietro Lanzini will develop a two-years research aims at filling existing gaps in literature, providing the background needed for a thorough understanding of the determinants of consumers' behavior in the field of sustainable mobility. Stemming from existing models of consumer behavior the study will propose the inclusion of further determinants, contributing to the literature with theory building that will then be tested by means of an empirical investigation.
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PVMI & CAMI meet at the Venice International University


Newest trends in automotive and mobility industry have been under lenses at the PVMI-CAMI 2015 joint conference, coordinated by John Paul MacDuffie (PVMI-Wharton) and Francesco Zirpoli, CAMI's Director.
The meeting, held at VIU on september 9-11, have been developed under the patronage of the
Department of Management of Ca' Foscari, represented by its director and CAMI member Gaetano Zilio Grandi.
The presentations of the second day are downloadable from this site.

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Research Projects

Rating and Enhancing the Socio-Economic Sustainability of Urban Mobility Plans
EU has set an extraordinary effort on urban mobility, but there are gap of knowledge refraining the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPS) to be accomplished. Among crucial issues: to improve the financial feasibility of SUMPs and to establish arena of involvement for the private sector. This project aims at filling such gaps, addressing at the same time the challenge of rating the overall sustainability of mobility plans.

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Observing evolutionary dynamics of the Italian automotive production network
The analysis of complex interdependencies between firms through this new analytical lens offers an innovative understanding of the structure of the Italian automotive industry as a source of threats and opportunities for its future development. This project highlight the opportunities of synergies exploitation in the field of innovation and sustainability, searching for the elements of structural inertia binding the industry to the old mobility paradigm.

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