Attività di ricerca sul campo

Al momento il docente coordina tre progetti sul campo:

1. Cape Stoba Byzantine Shipwreck Excavation Cape Stoba 3

In collaboration with the department of underwater archaeology of the Croatian Conservation Institute of Zagreb, Carlo Beltrame is investigating a shipwreck dated between the 10th and the 11th century of a ship carrying amphoras and glass objects. The cargo is composed of nine amphora types datable in the 10th-11th century AD, probably used for the transportation of wine and produced in the area of the Back Sea. Secondary cargo was composed by glassware finds of Levantine production.

The shipwreck is located on the sea bottom of the island of Mljet in Croatia, about 22 NM northwest of Dubrovnik, at the depth between 21 and 28 m.

The excavation will continue in the 2015 thanks to a fund of the Regione del Veneto.

Member of the team of research is also Margherita Ferri (research fellow) responsible of the glass finds. Elisa Costa (IUAV research fellow) is responsible of the 3D documentation.

Progetto marmi DDL_10022. The marble routes

Aim of the project is the study of the characteristics of the ships carrying big marbles blocks in Roman time and the identification of the marbles transported through the documentation and the study of the shipwrecks sunk in Southern Italy.

After the analysis of the Secca di Capo Bianco and Punta Scifo D (Crotone) shipwrecks, in Calabria, and the Marzamemi I and Capo Granitola shipwrecks in Sicily, we have worked on the Isola delle Correnti shipwreck (Sicily), preliminary dated between the III and IV century AD and discovered in 1959 by P. Gargallo and G. Kapitaen.

Innovative solutions of the project are the systematic sampling of the stones which are analyzed by Lorenzo Lazzarini of the IUAV University (a specialist in this field) and the innovative multi-image photogrammetrical technique experimentation made in collaboration with Francesco Guerra and Caterina Balletti of the IUAV University.

Santa Maria PadovetereMembers of the projects are also Elisa Costa (IUAV) and Simone Parizzi. The last one is specialist in naval engeneering. The analysis of the shipwrecks in the Sicilian sea is made in collaboration with the Soprintendenza del Mare of Sicily.

3. Wet site excavation of the Late Roman boat at S. Maria Padovetere (Comacchio-Ferrara)

Aim of the project, coordinated by the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell'Emilia Romagna (M. Cesarano), is the excavation of a flat bottom riverine boat abandoned in the 5th-6th century AD in an old river of the Padovetere, off Comacchio. Responsible for the documentation is Elisa Costa.

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Cape Stoba Cape Stoba Cape Stoba The marble routesSanta Maria Padovetere